One-to-one Coaching Supervision

with Laura Evans

One-to-one supervision is where one Coach works with one Supervisor (not sure on what Coaching Supervision is – Find out more). This means that 100% of the attention and time of the sessions are dedicated to that Coach and their clients and their coaching practice. The Coach drives the agenda of the session and the Supervisor typically starts the session by asking “what are you bringing to supervision today?” or “how can I be of service to you today?”.

Typically, these sessions are 45-60 minutes in length (you’ll be surprised what can be covered in that time when working one-to-one). When working one-to-one with a coaching supervisor the frequency of supervision can be tailored completely to you and agreed on an individual basis (based on how often you are seeing clients and how many hours you spend coaching each month, the type of coaching you do, the audiences you work with, any requirements from your accreditation body/insurance, and your experience as a Coach). 

The other advantage of one-one supervision is that unlike group sessions, one-to-one supervision clients have autonomy to arrange the sessions with the supervisor at a time that suits them (they are not tied into a programme of dates).


If you are looking for Group Supervision sessions:

The Investment


One-to-One Coaching Supervision sessions are all 60 minutes:

  • ‘Pay As you Go’ Coaching Supervision sessions are £250
  • Block bookings of 6 sessions (paid up front and can be used as needed over a 12-month period) – £1,200 (£200 per session – Saving 20% vs. ‘Pay As You Go’).
  • Regular monthly session can be agreed on a Coach by Coach basis. An example:  6 month Coaching Supervision (monthly session) – £1,110 (£185 per session – saving £65 per session vs. ‘Pay As You Go’)

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