Praise from Coaches who have worked with Laura

“I had a 1:1 session with Laura a week ago and wow, what a difference. Before the session I had loads of ideas but no clarity, I was a busy fool, however after the session I had clarity, focus, and an action plan to move my business to the next level. Laura was happy to share her ideas with me, which meant that I benefited from her expertise and experience in building a successful business.I would highly recommend working with Laura”

Yvonne Pritchard

“I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, how could Laura understand me and my business in one session? Well she did! Laura is so personable I instantly felt relaxed talking with her and by the end of our session I had a plan of action and felt so driven and motivated to get going. I literally felt like a coin that had been flipped. Laura clearly knows her stuff and I can not recommend her highly enough. Don’t just think about it.. do it!!”

Denise C

“I believe everyone needs a mentor in life and I am lucky enough to say I have an amazing mentor/coach in Laura. No matter where you are with your business Laura is able to get you out of the lost zone and get you laser focused & back on track. Giving you inspiration a plan of action whilst opening your mind to what is there for you to achieve. A session with Laura is invaluable so thank you so much Laura!”


“Laura takes time to completely understand your situation and asks purposeful questions to find out what you want to get out of coaching with her. We had a great coaching session and found solutions to all of my questions, I’m so excited to get started on the tasks Laura has set me and know that they are the right thing for me. I feel like Laura has broken down my barriers and I can now move forward in the direction I wanted!”

Catherine Gennard

“Wow, just wow! I knew my session with Laura was going to be fantastic, but I had no idea how much clarity and focus I would get from one session. Laura definitely gives her all during the coaching session, which I love. I was really stuck on how to move forward before the session with Laura. Laura listened and understood where I was at and she was able to move me forward so I had a clear plan by the end of the session. Not just a plan, but a plan that I am so excited to get on with. Laura’s experience and knowledge is brilliant and she is so skilled in getting rid of blockers and working with you to get clarity and vision. I highly recommend Laura to anyone who is looking to work with a coach who is so open, refreshing and energised, which ensures an incredible coaching session with brilliant results.”


“It’s hard to understand how someone who does not run a driving school, run theory workshops or train driving instructors can have such a fantastic understanding of your business, but that’s exactly how I’d describe Laura. She really listens and really hears what you’re saying, and then helps you to come to amazing conclusions. You get complete clarity after a one-to-one coaching session! The plan that was created in this session has helped me and my business enormously, and I cannot recommend Laura highly enough. I’m excited about how far I can take my business. If you want clarity, help with problem solving, motivation, a plan that will work, then book a one-to-one coaching session with Laura!”

Ann-Marie Winterburn