Executive Coaching

Get a competitive edge by using a Qualified Executive Coach.  

Laura Evans is a qualified & experienced Executive Coach who holds the ILM Level 7 qualification in Coaching & Mentoring. Laura has been coaching in business for over 15 years. She works with Business Owners, Managers and Leaders to establish clear professional business or career related goals and then sets about supporting clients to achieve these. Laura offers a safe and confidential environment in which executives can explore business challenges or possibilities. She also Mentors new business start ups, sharing her wealth of knowledge in both mindset and what it takes to start, build and successfully run a small business.

With 80% of organisations having used coaching in some form in the last five years, can you afford not to get this one-to-one support? Imagine what could be possible if you worked through those niggles, created space to think, were held accountable, had a confidential sounding board AND made time to invest in you? The truth is that your career and/or business will only grow as fast as you do, so make the commitment to invest and get ahead!

Executive Coaching

Your career and/or business will only grow as fast as you do, so make the commitment to invest and get ahead!

What are the benefits of Executive Coaching?

Leading a company, being an owner/manager or heading up a team or function can be a lonely place to be at times. Many Executives and Senior Managers often comment on the benefits to them of having a Coach, someone they can trust with no agenda other than to support them, the client.

Coaching enables individuals to get tailored support that meets their specific needs.

Coaching offers:


  • A secure and confidential environment for leaders to develop their performance
  • Improved self-awareness, confidence, better communication skills, and/or improved behaviours
  • An opportunity to understand leadership styles and develop flexibility in style
  • Increased Staff retention/morale, reduced recruitment costs
  • Increased productivity as leaders create time to think (and not just act)

How does it work?

Laura tailors each coaching package to the needs of the individual and their organisation. Typically we would use 3 phases to our Executive Leadership coaching;



  • Scoping & diagnostics; meeting the individual to identify the desired coaching outcomes. We would consider the use of tools such as Myers Briggs, 360-degree feedback, Strengths and Weaknesses Assessment etc. We would then look to create the goals for the coaching and use this to create a coaching plan.
  • Coaching; the coaching sessions take place either face to face or online (online is the easier option if you’re not local to Laura in South Wales or want to reduce the impact on your diary due to travel). We will be as flexible as we can be to meet your needs. The focus is on helping the individual realise their goals. Laura is considered by many to be their “challenging friend” and is the Coach that many other Coaches call for help (she’s also a Supervisor for other Coaches so knows her stuff!)
  • Evaluate and Follow up; we evaluate the coaching assignment and support the individual to plan ahead and build support structures to maintain the positive changes achieved.