Group Supervision

with Laura Evans

Group supervision is where a group of Coaches come together under the guidance of a qualified Supervisor. The group have regular scheduled sessions and at the start of each session the Supervisor will ask the group “who has something to bring to supervision today” and then the time is divided between the attendees.

Typically, sessions are 2 hours in duration and if there is a group of up to 5 or 6 Coaches this means each person can get up to 20 mins each. There is no pressure for every member to bring something to supervision each time and sometimes it’s hugely beneficial to be an ‘observer’ and listen to other people being supervised. When in the ‘hot seat’ the Coach (or Supervisee) will be asked by the group Supervisor what they would like to get from their ‘turn’ – it might be they want one-to-one supervision from the supervisor (with the others in the group observing), it might be the Coach wants feedback from other members of the group or it might be that the Supervisor uses a specific group supervision technique to assist the Coach get the most from the session (e.g. a fishbowl exercise).

Whilst the Supervisor has responsibility for managing the group, runs logistics and facilitates sessions, it is not to be assumed the Supervisor is the “guru” of the group – there is a richness to having group members provide feedback and work as a collective with best effort to support the supervisee during their turn.

Looking for one-to-one Coaching Supervision:



For the group to work well individuals are asked to commit to attend as many of the supervision sessions as they can to ensure the ‘core’ of the group remains (a minimum of 80% attendance is required). Group coaching cohorts are typically put together for an initial 6 month period after which time the cohort will either be disbanded, continue as is for a further agreed period or can be altered with some members leaving or new members joining (upon the agreement of the group members).

Laura typically runs two levels of group coaching. “Emerging Coaches” is perfect for recently Certified Coaches and “Evolving Coaches” is designed for more experienced Coaches (e.g. 1 year post certification or 100+ hours coaching experience). The reason we split the levels is so that both groups of Coaches have the best support for where they are on their journey and can get the most from their coaching supervision. When putting groups together it’s vitally important that the chemistry of the group works for the benefit of the whole, so all applications for group coaching will be personally reviewed by Laura to ensure a good fit for each respective group.

From time to time Laura also puts together group coaching supervision cohorts that focus on specific types of coaching where there is a shared approach – eg. an NLP group, an executive coaching group or indeed an in-house coaching programme group (where a group of in-house coaches in one organisation are seeking supervision – please contact us direct to discuss this).

The Investment


Group Coaching Supervision sessions are all 2 hours in duration:

  • 6 group supervision session package (monthly or bi-monthly depending on the group – so could be spread over 6 or 12 months) – £750 (£125 per session).

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Want to apply? – please click the link below to complete the application form and we will be in touch. If your application is successful the next step will be a chemistry call with Laura, and thereafter allocation of a place on a group coaching supervision cohort.

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