The Podcast Course

Create, Record & Launch your own podcast in 30 days or less!

The Podcast Course

Create, Record & Launch your own podcast in 30 days or less!

“Podcasts are essentially audio Netflix” – Jordan Harbinger

“The most lucrative & easy way to build personal brand & business” – Rob Moore

Aim: to support businesses by sharing EXACTLY how to start a podcast that builds personal brand, business income and a tribe of loyal fans. Taking you from where you are now (with no prior knowledge of how to make a podcast) to having a podcast in a matter of days! You will learn the skills you need to capitalise on the audio revolution and it’ll feel like I’m with you every step of the way …  you ready?!

So ……

You could learn via the ‘trip & fall method’ and figure it out yourself. You’ll need to go and find a ton of YouTube Channels and watch their videos (some will be helpful and some will be complex and difficult to understand), read hundreds of ‘how to’ blogs (that give part of the knowledge that’s needed – where you going to find the rest?), waste money on kit you don’t need (because you think kit is the answer – it’s not!) and ask questions in a load of podcast Facebook groups (and get confused by the range of answers)…. AND if you’re lucky you MIGHT get something out. That sounds exhausting, right?! ….. and likely you’ll waste a ton of time and money, right?

Alternatively, you can watch 8.5 hours of training I’ve recorded for you which shows you EXACTLY how to do it, with supporting checklists, email & words templates (I use!) AND anything else I can think of that will help YOU! You’ll get bonuses that support you to make your podcast an income generating asset too!

Do you….

  • Want to speed up your results by launching a new marketing asset that supports income generation?
  • Want to capitalise on the audio/voice revolution currently going on in the UK?
  • Want to connect with, nurture and grow a loyal fan base?
  • Want an opportunity to develop an intimate relationship which assists the know/like/trust factor needed to take someone from intrigue to the intent of being your customer, to being an actual customer?
  • Want to learn about business podcasting from an award-winning Entrepreneur & Marketing Expert who uses HER Podcast to drive increased income in HER business?
  • Want an affordable and easy to implement system and methodology you can follow that works?
  • Want to have fun and learn the short cuts to launching your own podcast?
  • Want to be able to say your run a global business with a community that spans the globe?!
  • Want to attract more affluent, buying customers/listeners to your business? (Research says podcast listeners are up to 6x more affluent than other media sources)

“Every company can find authentic stories related to their brands, whether those stories are revealed through interviews, investigations, or real-life demonstrations. With some serious thought about what kind of stories your brand can tell and a commitment to honesty, you have what you need to begin making an engaging podcast, no matter what industry you’re in.”

– Nicole D’Angelo, Associate Editor with Skyword

Despite popular misconceptions, to start a podcast you don’t need ….


  • … to have a ton of expensive kit (you could use your smart phone and the headphones supplied with it!)
  • … to have an expensive recording studio (I’ve used one and it’s not needed – I do mine at home)
  • … to be a tech genius … if I can do it so can you! (AND I’ve created the guides for you that I wish I’d had!)
  • … weeks and weeks to do it (I planned my podcast concept in a day, have recorded a whole series in a day … I mean you could watch all the videos I’ve done for you in 1 day too – it’s just 8.5 hours long!)
  • … worry about there already being too many podcasts … there’s plenty of space for you too!
  • … to have a BIG or Number One or Charting Podcast to make money from it … SERIOUSLY!
  • … to have a large following already (you’ll build your fan base USING podcasting)
  • … a ton of time to run a podcast … could you find 2.5 hours for a piece of content that will last years?!
  • … to have it all figures out to start …. do this course and get going! (I’m going to take away all your excuses leaving you free to take ACTION!)

What’s included in the 8.5 hours of training videos


Welcome & Setting the Scene (free session – go and watch it now if you like!)


Why Podcasting? (free session – go and watch it now if you wish!)


The case for podcasting – the stats


Myth Busting – clearing your path to success


The things that matter in podcasting – the podcast listener survey stats


Your Podcast Strategy & Concept Planning – the purpose for your podcast, who it’s for, your USPs (why you)


Capturing your Podcast Promise – so you stay clear on why you’re doing this and for who


Planning your podcast – podcast name, podcast description, artwork (including video showing you exactly how to do this in canva), selecting your podcast strategy, creating your podcast show intro, deciding on your podcast format, planning podcast episodes and booking guests, why do episode zero & what it is (hint: it’s critical!), structure for episode intros and outros, episode content ideas, good episode titles


Recording: intro, equipment, hints and tips for good sound quality, demos of 2 different software options for recording (one is free!), interview questions and how to create loyal listeners


Editing: I give you access to my guy and share how I work with him (it’s easy and affordable) & I’ll cover the importance of show notes


Setting up your podcast platform – I have screen recorded step by step how to set up the account, where to load the MP3 files, how to schedule it, where to add everything (from the planning stage of your podcast) and where to find your stats and how I use them


Launching your podcast – and overarching plan, ideas you can use, tips I learnt from mine, how I used competitions, increased the chance of getting noticed AND the 3 VITAL factors to launch success!


Marketing and ongoing promotion – how I plan for, launch and promote each episode (including showing you my social media templates), growing your audience, social media, building a community and more!


Monetising your podcast – how I use my podcast to create trickle down revenue for my business and why sponsorship really isn’t the most lucrative way to earn from your podcast!


What Now?! – Next steps


You can view and listen to the free preview sessions here to get a feel for the course ….

EVERYTHING I know about how to start a successful income generating business podcast that builds your tribe, boosts your personal brand and business


Course Investment – £797

What’s having a podcast worth to you?  In terms of personal brand? Your creditability and authority? Deeper more meaningful relationships with existing customers? Your expert authority status? In terms of increased income generation? Getting into the audio revolution? Getting ahead of your competition?  What if it attracts just 1 more client to your business – would it be worth it? What if it attracted another 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 clients to your business in the next 12 months? (I can’t predict this, I don’t have a crystal ball …. but it’s possible!)

Imagine someone calling you and saying I’d love to buy your [service/product] as a result of hearing your podcast? (eek!! How cool would that be!!)

Lets talk number – let’s say you sell ONE £1,400 coaching package on the back of launching your podcast … OMG is podcasting a great return on investment of your time and money!

What about lost income if you don’t act as part of this audio revolution? (it’s a lot cheaper and faster to have a podcast than it is to write a book in order to be able to create an audio book for people to listen to –  that was my initial thinking …..)

As a business, your investment in this course is ‘staff training’ and therefore is a tax deductible cost – so you can write this course investment off against your business!

How many extra clients do you need to sign up for this course to have paid for itself?

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You are not looking to launch a podcast
  • You are simply looking for a podcast course to learn about podcasts as a listener
  • You are not an action taker (I’ll happily take your money, but it would be a waste for you!)


    Are you ready to:

    • speed up your results?
    • be challenged and pushed?
    • Learn something new?

    Got a question? … Email Lyn [email protected]

    We are looking for people to take action and commit …

    You ready to learn how podcasting can be fun, easy and a ‘fast to market’ marketing activity?

    Ready to join the voice revolution AND create a marketing asset that supports you to generate income in your business?

    …… let me show you how TODAY!


    There’s NEVER been a better time to start your own podcast!

    “When Laura launched her Podcast Course, my first thought was ‘Wow, I bet that’ll be really good – but I’m not sure it’s for me – how is a podcast going to help my business? Do I even have enough time to do this?’ 

    Fast forward six weeks (yes, just 6 weeks!) and I’m in the final planning stages of launching my very own podcast, thanks to this amazing course!

    I loved how easy this course was to follow with the step-by-step screen recordings, plus the shedload of resources. Laura literally takes you by the hand and walks you through everything from why you should have a podcast, to setting up your podcast on a hosting platform, and everything in between – and I do mean everything! Whatever you might be worried about, like the tech side, or the marketing, Laura’s got you covered.

    Along with the recordings, there’s a fantastic workbook, as well as loads of Laura’s own templates she has used for her podcast series. This has made it super easy for me to get on with planning my podcast – any questions I had, I knew right where to go to find the answer.

    Just a couple of months ago, I didn’t have the first clue about podcasting or how to go about it.  Thanks to Laura’s Podcast Course, I’ve got ideas for at least three series, with the very first episode of Series 1 going live very soon. I’m so excited, and I bet you will be too when you buy this amazing course!”

    Tracy Vials. The ND Advocate Podcast.

    ‘Hi if like me, you are interested in developing your own podcast and you want clear, concise steps as to how to do it, then look no further than Laura’s podcast course!

    Not only is it really enjoyable and easy to follow, but it’s broken down into digestible bite size sections from start to your launch. It includes everything you need to know – including the techy stuff from designing your podcast artwork to equipment (your phone!) and editing. It’s jam packed full of helpful tips and does exactly what it says on the tin.

    So if you want your very own podcast up and running in 30 days, this is the course for you!’

    Steve Driscoll. YouthWise.