Sales Masterclass

Advanced Sales Training for Master NLP Practitioners

Sales Masterclass

Advanced Sales Training for Master NLP Practitioners

Delivered by: Laura Evans Coaching & Mentoring

Make people an offer so good they would feel stupid saying no”– Travis Jones

We must never become too busy sawing to take time to sharpen the saw.” – Stephen Covey

Why have we created Sales Masterclass?


It’s simple. It struck us that we have never stopped to show folks how to enhance and drive sales in business using NLP Master Practitioner skills! Whilst ‘Sales Made Easy’ has been a huge success and teaches the NLP 5 Step Sales Process (which when used as it’s taught makes sales easier for sure!), it teaches people to sell successfully using the NLP Practitioner level toolkit. As Master Practitioners this means you have a WHOLE ARRAY of tools and methodologies you will have learnt on your Master Practitioner course that I bet you are not currently utilising? – not because you don’t want to, because it’s unlikely you’ve thought about it and/or have never been shown!

Let’s face it, your Masters course will have been packed to the rafters with stuff … so much stuff at times you may have been overwhelmed! Perhaps at that time you were so focused on getting the breakthrough right, you accidentally (and unconsciously) deleted how useful some of these tools are in influential communication let alone sales! It therefore stands to reason that there is probably untapped potential in you, your small business or your sales role (if you sell for others). What if you could grow your business, hit your sales targets and enable yourself to make people offers so good they would feel silly saying ‘No’?! – remember people don’t like being sold to, they like buying!!

In the current climate sales is becoming more and more important to all businesses, big and small. Although you could make a list of problems you face in selling (in the current climate) a mile long (which is a great way to stress yourself out and waste valuable time you could be using to make money!), all these problems typically stem from two big problems: not enough clients and/or not enough cash in your pocket (i.e. not enough profit in it for you to make a living or generate the income you aspire to have). If you think the answer is discounting, then I have news for you …. you’ll sadly soon be out of business!

“Observe the masses and do the opposite” – James Caan

It’s all about how we can better demonstrate value (and avoid our products and services being seen simply as commodities which leads to comparison and the price being driven down). What people buy is VALUE and value is driven by perceived benefits. ‘Perception is Reality’ (for that client). You need to solve a problem for a person in a niche and target a product or service to people who have the spending power to buy (in the current market, not the customers you were after 2 years ago!). You need to show people how your service and product is different to what else is out there in the market, you need to differentiate – you need to create your own marketplace. You also “get PAID for the PROMISES you make” (James Lavers) and you get profit from building trust and keeping your clients coming back … by increasing their ‘Lifetime Client Value’. This means you don’t just sell to someone once, you keep showing them how you can help them solve the next problem, and the next problem and the next… and they keep buying more and more times! Remember, existing customers are already sold on you, they trust you and they want more of what you have … IF (and it’s a big IF) you’ve previously delivered on your promises of value. Your cost of acquisition (finding the customer in the first place) is put against their first purchase – so how much profit do you actually make on that first purchase? – very little, the profit margin is small. So, you need to find the right clients and drive-up Lifetime Client Value. You therefore NEED to use your Master Practitioner skills to displace resistance, create value and make it easier for you to show people how you can help them …..why would you not?

There’s a lot to it, right? …. The good news is I can help you!!

So ……


What if I told you I have invested £10,000 in my sales education during 2022? What if I told you I had been learning from someone who’s been selling successfully in the personal development space for 19 years? What if I not only offered to help you use your NLP Master Practitioner skills better, but I shared with you what I’ve been doing behind the scenes in the last few months implementing my new knowledge? What if I allowed you to access more of my sales knowledge which enabled you to springboard your business?? – sound exciting? (AND …. you don’t have to pay me £10k!!)

Do you….


Want to be able to help more people?


Want to take your sales knowledge to the next level?


Want to make sales even easier?


Want to sort out your mindset in sales? (even if it’s taken a knock in the last 12 months)


What to learn more …..??

Pre-requisite: Certified Master Coach/Master NLP Practitioner by an approved ABNLP Training Provider. It would be advantageous to have completed the ‘Making Sales Easy’ Course also – although this is not essential.

Location & Timings: this course is now available OnDemand (it was recorded live in January & February 2023 – over two full days in the training room and thereafter a series of zoom calls) – so you can have instant access and can watch the footage of Laura delivering the course to the group as many times as you wish! We will also post you the manual that the students on the course received.

“A confused mind does nothing” – let me help you create and sell in a way that doesn’t confuse your customers!

What will we cover on the Course:

  • Advanced Belief System for sales which you can embody! – the first one is not believing your clients self-imposed limitations!
  • Creating Irresistible Offers ….
    • Creating Offers (one-to-one Coaching and Group Coaching offers) – step by step how I do it and we’ll do it together as a group exercise
    • Learn the formula used by many High End Coaches I’ve recently learnt from based on pain and desire!
    • How to drive value into the offer
    • Pricing models and how to enable the price to go up!
    • The 5 secrets to enhancing ANY offer so they are silly not to buy! (bonuses are one of them!)
  • Master Practitioner Tools to use in making sales easier … understand and PRACTICE utilising in sales! – You’ll be able to observe the group doing the course exercises which we debriefed as a group ensuring shared learning (and by watching the recordings you can pinch the best ideas from the group!). We’ll cover a variety of Masters tools including:
    • Rep Systems
    • Selling to different Values Levels (this is a biggy!!!)
    • Selling using Meta Programmes
    • Selling using Values
    • Displacing resistance with Milton Model
    • Linguistic Presuppositions (such as complex equivalence)
    • Embedded commands
    • Quantum Linguistics
    • Chaining Modal Operators
    • Metaphors (a biggy – different types of metaphors to the formula you already know!)
    • Reframing
  • Summary of Key NLP sales lessons I learnt from someone with 19 year’s experience selling in the personal development industry (even during challenging times!) – soooooo insightful!!! and the Killer Questions he uses in sales that work!
  • Other Advanced Sales Strategies ….
  • A new advanced sales call process (I assume you will already know the 5 steps sales process, this is the next level up!) – including the 8 buyer beliefs you need in the back of your mind in any sales call
  • How to use the “sales letter” technique to sell your service for you … what goes in it and why … (note: This is a type of sales letter! LOL)


The Investment for this highly valuable course is just: £895

  • What if you invested in this course and as one of the live delegates on the course did, sell 2 breakthroughs in the week after attending the course as a result of implementing what he’d learnt – would you think that’s a good return on your investment of time and money learning what I know?
  • What if like another delegate on the live course your confidence grew so much that you had no issue asking for the sale and by doing so you got it?
  • What if like another delegate you learnt two totally different models for selling and so were able to elegantly pivot between both models in the sales call to ensure the client understand the benefit of working with you for them specifically and the costs to them if they don’t ….
  • What if like another delegate on the course you learnt how I put packages together and so you were able to create a brand new group coaching programme to get people into your business so you could upsell them your 1-2-1 high end offer?

This course is NOT for you if:


Want to take your sales knowledge to the next level?


You think you already know it all and there is no room for improvement


You are not really worried about upskilling and developing your professional skills in terms of sales


You are going to abuse this knowledge and have forgotten all that you were taught about ecology!


You are not willing to do the work to get the results and your return on your investment


You think your money is better placed seeking out ANOTHER modality of helping people, rather than getting better at selling what you already have in your toolkit!

What other students have said:

“I’ve already sold 3 breakthrough sessions on the back of it”

if you want to run a successful business that keeps growing year on year, then adding this training to your toolkit is pretty much essential”

“There are some things I’ve learnt that were invaluable and easy, techniques I’ve started using straight away and I can instantly see how much better they work than my previous approach”

“I enjoyed every moment”

“I really enjoyed learning how to utilise all my Master Practitioner skills in sales and most of all how to create irresistible offers”



Are you ready to:


  • take steps to take your sales mindset to the next level ready for 2023?
  • utilise knowledge you already have AND get to help more people?
  • be challenged and pushed?
  • leverage Laura’s knowledge and experience?
  • continue learning, gain support and get accountability?